How to Grow Your Business Using Social Media Marketing

  1. Create brand recognition.
  2. Drive conversations.
  3. Connect with the audience.
  4. Tell your brand´s story.
  5. Gather insights about customers.
  6. Build customer loyalty.
  1. Improve website traffic.
  2. Assist in link building.
  3. Retargeting.
  4. Lead generation.
  5. Improve conversion rate.
  6. Build trust for your content within your customers.
  1. Establish authority through content.
  2. Improve page authority.
  3. Boost domain authority.
  1. Use content for branding.
  2. Use hashtags to increase the reach.
  3. Better sales numbers via influencer marketing.
  4. Add more videos.
  1. Promote products directly to your customers.
  2. Engage in meaningful conversations.
  3. Conduct Q&A sessions.
  4. Monitor customer behaviour.
  • Offer prompt customer service to your audience in regard to genuine problems regarding products and services
  • Observe conversations to see if your customers talk about your brand
  • Post messages, alerts, announcements, and offers on your feed
  • Connect and build a fruitful relationship with your customers
  • Conduct Q&A sessions with your customers to understand their distress better
  • Post photos or videos on Instagram
  • Design long posts for LinkedIn,
  • Add videos, memes, and images to your Facebook page
  • Script short announcements on Twitter
  • Add creative images to your Pinterest board



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Manuel Castañeda

Manuel Castañeda

Entrepreneur and graphic designer. Owner of DeCast Design. MS in Human Rights. World Citizen and freelance writer. Madrid based.